Display Aquarium

Standard Tanks

We are a small company whom takes pride in doing quality craftsmanship for our customers. Our business does not incorporate a volume based production model. The above said, our standard aquariums are built using thicker material with attention given to clear seams and mechanically high polished edges upon request. Competitive pricing cannot be achieved due to the time and care taken in assembly. Smaller aquariums under 30 gallons can be made one at a time, this ensures the quality of the end product.

Custom Tank

  • 3D model drawings¼” to 1.5” cell cast acrylic
  • 95% clear seams
  • 900 gallon testing tank reservoir
  • Line bending, bent front tank corners

Custom Sump Capability

  • Built in ReservoirSock Holders
  • Probe Holders
  • Bubble Traps
  • Weir
  • Overflow Tank Capacity
  • ATO Auto Top Off

Display Tank at Oolong Noodle Restaurant - San Francisco

Display Tank at Pagan Idol Bar - San Francisco