Our Expertise

Kritter Products

We have been in the aquarium world as a hobbyist, service tech, and fabricators for 30+ years. We understand the needs of an aquarist in the realm of easy tank access, filtration, environmental controls and what makes a good display. Having a good design from the start will allow you to circulate water through the tank system and incorporate the correct water treatment for your enclosed environment.

Owner - Gen Watanabe

I draw inspiration from people who show the drive to try make their work exemplary. The process of creating a functional object from raw materials has always driven my interest. From a very young age, I had watched my father repair and create parts for musical instruments with the skills acquired from dedication and experience. Growing up in a home that was being remodeled every five years had also exposed my mind to design, the process of the build, and tools in order to execute the final outcome.

The interest in fabrication with support from the family allowed me to explore building projects around the home. (enter photos from childhood) Later in life I attended SF State University in Product Design and Development. I am passionate about incorporating the skills learned into my current interests and personal projects. The current interests involve “Project boat” angling, scuba diving, leisure cycling, and coastal activities.

Inspiring people link:
  • http://www.chabottengineering.com/menu.html
  • https://www.seasniper.com/
  • https://skotychops.wordpress.com/projects/
  • Hobie mirage kayak drive system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD6OQhCeXqs
  • Fish Tank Drawing

    We create a technical diagram for each of our project.

    Turtle Tank

    We also make special shape tanks that meet your requirements.